IMG_0677Selene of Maine, born the year Carrie Stevens died, is an accomplished fly tyer dedicated to practicing traditional methods of fly tying, as well as originating new patterns to closely replicate the naturals found on her home waters of Maine.

She won the North East Fly Tying Competition at the World Fly Fishing Expo in Wilmington, Massachusetts in 1998. The distinguished judges for that competition were Lefty Kreh and Dave Whitlock. She has taught beginner and intermediate fly tying courses as well as offering fly tying demonstrations nationwide. She is a registered Maine guide specializing in the fields of Fly Fishing and Recreation. An article in Fly Tyer Magazine; Winter issue 2003, features Selene in the Tyer Profile section.  Nine of her flies are also featured in Tying Classic Freshwater Streamers: An Illustrated Step-by-Step Guide, by David Klausmeyer.  Selene was a featured fly tyer at the American Museum of Fly Fishing, Manchester Vermont as part of the; “A Graceful Rise” exhibit that featured influential women to the world of fly fishing of the past, present, and future.

“Carrie G. Stevens (1882-1970) of Upper Dam, Maine, created some of the most beautiful and enduring streamer patterns ever designed,“ wrote Graydon R. Hilyard, author of Carrie G. Stevens maker of Rangeley Favorite Trout and Salmon Flies. While the Gray Ghost is the most widely known fly of her creation, many more baitfish imitations exist thanks to her talents.

Selene of Maine’s first appearance in period costume as Carrie Stevens March 2018

Selene has dedicated herself to mastering Carrie’s unique tying techniques of tying flies in her hands without the aid of a vise, which results in a perfectly balanced and durable fly. Selene takes care to use as many authentic materials as are available including native wood duck feathers, jungle cock and silk floss. Maintaining the integrity of Carrie’s craft Selene’s primary concern. Carrie’s mark of distinction on her flies was a red band on the head of the fly. Selene has chosen, out of respect for Carrie, not to include this band on her fly reproductions. Instead, her trade-mark on presentation flies is three tiny jungle cock feathers found near her signature.

Selene of Maine dressed in period costume as Carrie Stevens tying in her hands without a vise 2018

While Selene worked as a fly tyer as a second job for years, she now owns a fly shop in Gardiner, Maine dedicating herself to supporting her angling community to learning and preserving the angling arts.  You can find the shop at 218 Water Street in downtown Gardiner.  The best way to reach Selene is via email: selenetiesflies@gmail.com or click on the contact tab.

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