Commissioned Flies



“Burnt Blonde Bamboo”  Commissioned fly by Kelly Baker in 201

The majority of Selene’s artful flies and presentations are derived from commissions taken from clients to create new streamer flies that commemorate an event such as retirement, birthday, or a life-changing event like conquering cancer. Selene collaborates with the client for style and color ideas along with suggestions for the name of the fly. Once the fly is complete a presentation dome or framed fly is complete with a printed copy of a pattern card, along with two more flies to be fished with. Many clients have hopes that their cherished flies will someday be published in a book about Selene’s original flies.  To commission a fly contact Selene- prices begin at $200.

Presentation Dome Sample

Commissions include:  1 original fly pattern that Selene creates, 1 dome presentation, 2 more flies to fish with, and up to 5 pattern cards



Packaged Flies that can be fished with are included with the commission so that flies can be shared with friends and family.
Framed Fly Sample
Sample pattern card that is given with commissioned flies.  It gives the reason that the fly was commissioned, the fly pattern, and a photo of the fly.

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