Fly-Tying Demonstration with Selene of Maine and the Portland Museum of Art

OWN the Actual fly tied in the PMA demonstration! Bidding closes midnight on Sunday September 20, 2020. Email bids to or PM on facebook messenger. A live program was presented in conjunction with the exhibition Stories of Maine: An Incomplete History A video of this presentation is here. In this live event, fly... Continue Reading →

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Jake’s Dream

My latest creation that I tied as a gift to my fondest sport that I guided years ago. It brings back fond memories of Upper Dam. Jake's Dream- fly originated and tied by Selene of Maine 2020

Queen Esther

Originated and tied by Selene of Maine- Covid 2020 The Queen Esther fly was commissioned by Paul George to commemorate his mother Esther’s, 90th birthday.   The following is a tribute written by son Paul about his mother Esther. Over the earlier years, as Dick Frost would often say to his Wonderful Wife Joan, “We goin’ over... Continue Reading →

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