Name Announcement- Selene of Maine

Many of you know me in my role as an angler and a fly tyer as Selene Dumaine.  Some of you may know that I married Eric Frohmberg, love of my life,  a few years ago which put me in a predicament when it came to last names.  Thanks to Graydon and Leslie Hilyard, I... Continue Reading →

Lefty who?

This post is a memory of my first encounter with the name Lefty Kreh in the mid 1990's. Oh to be 23 again, nope. Not for me.  Except if I were in L.L. Bean wishing and hoping to win a door prize at the annual Fishing expo.  It was the year I was learning to... Continue Reading →

New Brachycentrus Fly – now known as the “Brach”

I fell in love with this chimney built caddis house when I learned about them with my husband Eric doing research for his Anglers' Entomology Podcast episode #21 about Caddisflies.  I wanted to find a way to imitate what you see in the first photo.  The Brachycentrus became my new quest to tie.  A most... Continue Reading →

Tying Room Sanctuary

The oldest child was to get the large room above the living room until he was ready to move out then , mwahhaaaa, we were to take it over as a fly tying room.  So the oldest looks like he is staying in the nest longer than we thought so we moved him to the attic on the third floor last week and we moved in to the coveted fly tying room often referred to as our "couples cave."  

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