Name Announcement- Selene of Maine

Selene of Maine

Many of you know me in my role as an angler and a fly tyer as Selene Dumaine.  Some of you may know that I married Eric Frohmberg, love of my life,  a few years ago which put me in a predicament when it came to last names.  Thanks to Graydon and Leslie Hilyard, I have a solution that I am happy with.  They call me Selene of Maine when referring to me as the fly tyer that ties in her hands like Carrie Stevens.  I took it is a tremendous compliment that they have a nickname for me.

From this day forward feel free to refer to me as just Selene or if there is such a need to distinguish me from others, I am Selene of Maine in the Angling world.  Look for a book in the future authored by such a name with guiding stories and flies that I created.



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