Queen Esther

Originated and tied by Selene of Maine- Covid 2020

The Queen Esther fly was commissioned by Paul George to commemorate his mother Esther’s, 90th birthday.  

The following is a tribute written by son Paul about his mother Esther.

Over the earlier years, as Dick Frost would often say to his Wonderful Wife Joan, “We goin’ over tonight to see Esther & Them?”  A phrase which soon became Immortal and shortly there-after was Christened as the name of Paul & Esther’s small camp off Birches Beach Road on the shore of Mooselookmeguntic Lake.  Esther, being an only daughter growing up with 3 brothers, had early on in childhood been anointed the nickname “Queen Esther”. So, in fitting Tribute of that celebration, there was only “one choice” with entrusting Selene to create a Traditional Rangeley Featherwing Streamer Fly, in Honor of The Queen, which hopefully will not only Entice Trophy Brook Trout & Salmon off the lakeshore out in front of Camp Esther & Them, but more-so, an original Creation which reflects the past & present-day Beauty of Queen Esther, and “All the Lives” over many precious years in which she has touched so Beautifully !!!

Queen Esther -fly pattern

Hook– 8x long streamer hook size 4

Head– Black 8/0 thread

Tail– Small oval embossed gold tinsel, gold floss, then one golden pheasant crest curving upward followed by a few turns of peacock herl

Body– Royal blue floss over which is small oval embossed gold tinsel

Belly-Amherst pheasant maroon crest to go the bend of the hook, under which is sparse white bucktail, followed by peacock herl eye that curves upward 

Underwing-Steve Farrar’s Flash Blend- Rainbow, then sparse pink marabou

Wing– Four white saddle hackles paired, tied on Carries Stevens style

Throat-Golden pheasant body feathers

Cheek-Reeves pheasant body feather

Eye-Jungle cock 


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