Tying Room Sanctuary

A couple of years ago I had a year to build an addition on our house to help blend our newly formed family now with three teenagers after having lived in Brunswick in a very small house.  I had owned a fly shop there in part to have a place to put my fly tying stuff and continue my connection with the fly tying community.  In my welcomed new life, Eric made room on the third floor for a new fly tying bench for me before we got married in 2015.  Then, I built the addition to the house giving us a new living room that fit the family, united us through shared decisions, work, and earned skills.  The oldest child was to get the large room above the living room until he was ready to move out then , mwahhaaaa, we were to take it over as a fly tying room.  The oldest looks like he is staying in the nest longer than we thought, so we moved him to the attic on the third floor last week and we moved in to the coveted fly tying room often referred to as our “couples cave.”

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Some may remember the photos I posted of the sad messy teens room as my “before” photos.  Not that the tying room isn’t filled with more stuff than he had, and well I have to admit, will more likely than not be just about as messy.  I mean, it’s filled with dead birds and animals.  Actually, I hope to write an article to share soon about how we manage so many materials and keep pesky bugs away.

Not included in the pictures of our new space yet are the comfy chair from which I sit and write this post.  This is a bonus gift we weren’t expecting since it wouldn’t fit up the narrow stairs to the third floor, but now Jackson the pooch can sit at my feet as I sip coffee and type away.  Also not shown is a really cool surprise I will share later that for now I will call a “Cabinet of Wonders.”

Enjoy the photos of a great space that I get to enjoy and can share with you.  May you take ideas from our space and include them in your own space.   I’ll add more as we finish the room.  Feel free to email if you have questions.


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  1. Good evening Selene
    I’m still a fan of your Sure Bet and the proof of it’s fish catching was once again realized today. The driving rain and wind was unpleasant enough; but the high water in a certain coastal river made it extra uncomfortable. I needed something that could penetrate that high fast water and there in the corner of an old fly box was a couple of well used Sure Bets. After only a few casts the line went tight and that throbbing feeling was a very hefty Brown. Luck? A couple of casts later and another one! I guess not! It was getting very uncomfortable with the foul weather and decided to leave while I was in the plus column.

    I’m sure you still have the pictures that I gave you a few years ago that adorned your website when you had the shop. That was a trifecta at my local pond of a Brookie Rainbow and Brown. The Sure Bet still is a Sure Bet when the chips are down. Thanks for a great Pattern! I just finished tying five more just in case. They were tied at my speed and that’s slow.

    P.S. Congratulations to you and Eric of a great union between two very nice people.


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