Hot, soooo Hot, its pyrographic


There are some days when the everyone hits the like button and are generous with praise on Facebook. The day I posted the rod grip with the nymph on it was one of them.  Then I had an idea about not just burning bugs and flies onto new rod grips, but why not onto peoples favorite rods too.

Its easy enough to do- send me your rod butt and a photo of what you want me to burn on it along with the agreed upon price plus postage for me to return the rod to you.   It’s like ink for your rod butt!

I can invoice paypal or accept checks

I’ve been working on some more rod grips in the last week or so and have a show this weekend in  Bethel where I hope to get some feedback on them and a few orders.

I’m finding that they are taking me longer to do as I’m adding more detail to the images and using the whole cork so the cost is ranging from $50 for a single image to $75 for  full grip  coverage cost to the customer.


Fly rod grip with nymph for a new fiberglas custom rod
Brookie Skin
Mayfly laying eggs
Gray Ghost
Show display

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